Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is about to launch its first product lau

In August 2018, the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange was officially approved by the relevant national government departments, and was granted the license and manager qualification to become the first digital stock exchange with legal licenses in the world. The project is supported by the government's dividends and is favored by a wide range of quality exchanges, technology R&D teams and investors around the world.

It is reported that the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is constructing a technical system. The complete technical system provider of this project team is a world-renowned exchange.

The Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange has completed the research and design of the trading and monitoring technology system with the technical team of the exchange, and has feedback the configuration documents on the technical system architecture, business requirements, performance parameters, database parameters, hardware requirements and so on. According to the document, the exchange will systematically integrate and test the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange. In addition, the marketing is progressing as scheduled and conducting simulation trading tests. The trading system will not only reflect the real-world application of blockchain technology, but also provide access to individuals, businesses and any users interested in global trade.

At present, the project is undergoing brand upgrade and its strategic deployment has been re-planned. Vanuatu will increase the number of cooperative exchanges and will cooperate with many well-known organizations, institutions, teams and enterprises from the South Pacific countries. Upgrade its project to mainly circulate the volcanic currency for the South Pacific VTK.

It is reported that the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is about to launch the first batch of product listing plans, which will be available in 2019.

Digital stock exchanges are changing the way we trade assets. Globally, many types of assets can be easily securitized and digitized by Internet and blockchain technologies. Breaking complex and time-consuming traditional securities transactions and absorbing convenient digital pass transactions, the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will create a new digital economy of South Pacific Securities, enabling rapid trading and efficient circulation of global asset diversity. The healthy development of digital economy globalization and the practical application of blockchain technology.