Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange and Allcoin reached a strategic cooperat

Recently, the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange and the world-renowned digital asset trading platform Allcoin reached a strategic cooperation to promote the implementation of the Vanuatu Digital Country Project, providing a diversified platform for Allcoin global users to jointly help the global STO new economic development.

The First Legal Stock Exchange in the Southern Hemisphere

The Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange held its opening ceremony in Port Vila, the capital, on September 6th. As early as August 14th, the Vanuatu Digital Stock Exchange was officially approved and became the first digital stock exchange in the southern hemisphere approved by the relevant state government to have a legal securities trading license. This initiative also made Vanuatu the world's number one. One of a group of countries that have established blockchain stock exchanges.

Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange License

Allcoin is committed to providing the best trading solution for the world's leading blockchain projects

Allcoin is the world's top digital currency trading platform, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and launched the Allcoin beta in February 2016. Allcoin is part of Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp., which has industry-leading technical strength and is committed to the development of the digital currency industry, providing a safe and free trading platform for digital currency enthusiasts.

(Image information source: feixiaohao platform

Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp. is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange CSE under the symbol CK. Digital currency is a brand-new field in which the company is involved. The company strategically layouts the application and development of the blockchain direction, and comprehensively and continuously explores and studies the blockchain technology.

Allcoin Digital Currency Trading Platform official website

As a globally recognized digital currency exchange, Allcoin has been approved by the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange's deputy license and has the qualification to establish the Allcoin Vanuatu sub-station.

This strategic cooperation also made Allcoin a platform for the pre-sale of the second station of Vanuatu Volcano. In addition, Vanuatu Volcano Coin will open the second stop pre-sale event on Allcoin. More pre-sale details can be obtained through Vanuatu and Allcoin official channels.