Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange: Digital Currency securitization storm s

Blockchain technology has a compelling possibility. It has the ability to change many industries. The establishment of the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will help Vanuatu to build an efficient and low-cost inclusive financial system that will continue to bring benefits to all local industries. Innovation drive and development opportunities.

——Former Finance Minister of Vanuatu and Executive Chairman of the Exchange. Maki Simelum

For the Vanuatu countries, the establishment of the digital stock exchange represents an important achievement of Vanuatu's digital economy development strategy and a key step for Vanuatu's gradual integration with the international community in the fields of economy, finance and technology. The Vanuatu National Acting Prime Minister, former Prime Minister, former Finance Minister and Executive Chairman of the Exchange, Vanuatu Congress, Vanuatu's major financial institutions, well-known experts and scholars from the global blockchain field and outstanding entrepreneurs witnessed the establishment of the exchange.

Deputy Prime Minister of Vanuatu, former Minister of Finance and Executive Chairman of the Exchange, members of Parliament, representatives of major financial institutions

“Financial technology is playing an important role,” former Vanuatu Prime Minister Sato Kilman said: “The national regulators have a responsibility to assess how existing rules address the challenges and opportunities presented by these new technologies, protect investors and our markets, and we look forward to Achieving a win-win situation in financial technology innovation and effective management and control of risks."

Jelena Strelnikova, chief compliance officer of Cascadia Blockchain Group (code CSE: CK), a Canadian listed company, said that the Vanuatu Digital Stock Exchange will fully apply blockchain technology. CK Group will focus on strategic aspects, technological innovation, capital closure, and industry standards. The newly established Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange provides professional support. With the support of local digital strategies, Vanuatu will further assist Vanuatu in advancing national digital projects.

Vanuatu National Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Bob Loughman said Vanuatu has accepted a huge opportunity for the blockchain. For Vanuatu, the development of blockchain technology will strengthen the government's information system infrastructure, improve the efficiency and transparency of government public services, help Vanuatu achieve the inclusiveness of the national financial system, and provide countries with strong long-term economic returns, etc., the future Efforts will be made to create new investment opportunities for financial technology companies in the South Pacific and around the world, and to work with more international partners in this area.

Different from a number of digital currency exchanges, the establishment of the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange not only created a precedent for the digital securities trading in the southern hemisphere by the government's credit endorsement blockchain, but also heralded the storm of global securities tokenization. Faced with this huge emerging market, the application of blockchain in the focus of hotspots is being accepted and developed by more countries in a positive attitude.