Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange and BCEX reached a strategic cooperation

Recently, the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange announced that it has reached a cooperation with BCEX, a world-renowned trading platform, to jointly promote technological innovation and application of blockchain industry projects. This strategic cooperation seems to be accidental, but in fact the professionalism, universality and safety and efficiency of BCEX have long been an inevitable cooperation choice for the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange.

On September 6, local time in Vanuatu, the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange held its opening ceremony in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. As early as August 14, the Vanuatu Digital Stock Exchange was officially approved and became the first national government department in the southern hemisphere. Approved, a digital stock exchange with a legal securities trading license, the initiative also made Vanuatu one of the first countries in the world to establish a blockchain stock exchange.

The Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange is one of the important components of the Vanuatu Digital Country Project. The establishment of the Digital Stock Exchange represents an important achievement of Vanuatu’s digital economy development strategy. It is Vanuatu’s gradual development in the fields of economy, finance and technology. A key step in international integration.

BCEX is a global platform for digital asset trading under the Cascadia Blockchain Group, which was successfully registered with the Financial Affairs and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) in April last year. And obtained the financial service business license issued by the financial service provider (the service provider), which conducts business under the supervision of financial regulatory agencies, making the digital asset transactions on the platform global, compliant and diversified. . In the past two years, BCEX's advantages in the global digital asset trading platform have become increasingly obvious, and it has become the preferred choice for many trading investors.

As an active promoter of the global economic community, Vanuatu has entered into a strategic partnership with BCEX, the world's leading digital currency trading platform, to achieve an effective combination of practical and securities-based certificates. BCEX provides professional support and high-quality international resources for the newly established Vanuatu Digital Stock Exchange from blockchain technology, regulatory compliance, business development and other aspects to jointly promote the globalization of the digital economy and achieve win-win cooperation.