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VTK will open the Registration Application Scenario of Samoa

With the continuous development, extension and global popularization of blockchain technology, more and more countries and regions have included blockchains as the core elements of national strategic development. South Pacific Island countries Samoa blockchain related industrial institutions And the organization has also joined the ranks of the South Pacific digital economy ecosystem.

Samoa is the heart of the Polynesian archipelago and a member of the Commonwealth. Its economy has always been dominated by agriculture, small light industry, agro-processing and tourism. Since the blockchain has caused a global wave, Samoa has also followed the international footsteps and actively responded to the innovative development and application of blockchain technology.

The Central Bank of Samoa recognizes the potential use of blockchain technology and is inclusive of blockchain technology, digital economy, digital securities to promote Samoa's financial development, and vigorously promote its implementation and implementation in the country and surrounding areas. Samoa fully supports the funds, talents and resources of its blockchain projects, and opens and expands the use of blockchain technology and application certification. It also welcomes enthusiasts, applicators and developers of global blockchains. Developers and exchanges are also registered in Samoa.

As a member of the South Pacific Digital Economy Ecosystem, the Samoan blockchain-related industrial organizations and organizations will work with the South Pacific VTK project team to plan their blockchain technology strategy development and implementation. The VTK project of the South Pacific VTK project will also become an important payment tool in Samoa's currency payment system, opening up the application scenarios of registered companies in Samoa and becoming the main means of payment for registration and related expenses.

Register for Samoa's advantage

1. The government protects corporate privacy, and the identity of shareholders and directors is highly confidential;
2. The name of the Chinese company registered in Samoa and the printed Chinese charter;
3. Freedom of name, allowing the use of multiple national company ending forms;
4. There is no upper limit for registered capital, and there is no need to pay a stamp duty;
5. There is no limit to the scope of business, no exchange control;
6. Can be registered with a financial institution or financial institution;
7. Allow company relocation in a convenient and efficient manner.

The increase in the use of VTK also provides more platforms for the South Pacific digital economy and trade ecosystem, making Samoa a solid step toward the blockchain technology and digital transformation.