Oceania Chain

Oceania Chain

The First National, Regulated Union Platform Token in the World

Oceania Chain

OCC is the platform currency of the National Digital Stock Exchange of many countries in the South Pacific Digital Economy League and an important bridge for the world's top exchange league.

The South Pacific Digital Economy League is formed by digital exchanges of South Pacific countries, of each establishes its own National Digital Stock Exchange in accordance with national regulations. The OCC will be the only designated digital token of the South Pacific Digital Economy League.

The South Pacific Digital Economy League will serve as a branch of The International Digital Economy League, working together to promote high-quality projects for blockchain digital asset exchanges, sound regulations, compliance cooperations, and rational prosperity. It will also contribute to the establishment of a mutual trust mechanism and to cultivating more international trading platforms, investment institutions, and quality assets among South Pacific countries.

In the South Pacific Digital Economy League, each country's national digital exchange has the authority to approve other digital exchanges to join in the League by providing digital currency sub-license, digital security compliance guidance and a complete set of regulatory Systems.

As the world's top exchange league platform token,OCC will be issued, regulated, and listed by all the exchanges in the league with 10% commission as an ecological feedback value.

Triangle League Ecology of OCC
Oceania Chain Economic Model
OCC Ecosystem
Application scenario of OCC
  • ① OCC has many privileges as the union platform currency, including: dividend privilege, airdrop privilege, repurchase privilege, participation decision privilege, fee reduction privilege, project recommendation privilege, online voting privilege, listing fee discount privilege, margin privilege, national project Participation privilege, Etc.;

  • ② As the platform currency of the world's top exchange league, OCC can be circulated in many digital currency trading markets and can be used to pay for national digital stock exchanges (listing fees, transaction fees, network service fees);

  • ③ OCC can be used in marine ecological governance and conservation scenarios, and is used for donations to the South Pacific Marine Ecological Protection Public Welfare Organization;

  • ④ OCC added a marine food certification scenario to address issues such as food traceability, anti-counterfeiting and cochain of marine food in the South Pacific;

  • ⑤ OCC can be used to pay for related services in digital currency research (research reports, consulting services, talent training);